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The Issues

As a representative of Colorado House District 51, I will work to incorporate the values and ideals of all those I pledge to serve. My personal experience, knowledge, and dedication to this community will help me to be a true representative of the people.

Affordable & Attainable Housing

As the population of Colorado continues to grow, we must continuously generate creative solutions for home affordability. Affordable and attainable housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable and unattainable. I will work to ensure Colorado encourages smart and planned development, encouraging diverse housing types & land uses, while keeping developers accountable for supporting affordable housing efforts.


We all have the right to access to a fulfilling and well-rounded education, regardless of status. Education is crucial to building the critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptive thinking skills we that need to build a better future. I believe in giving every student the tools they need to succeed in primary and secondary school, higher education, and/or vocational education. 

Senior Supports

Over 20% of the population of Loveland is made up of individuals above age 65. Individuals who are looking forward to the day in which they can retire and downsize their home. While many of these folks are living manageable & healthy lives, others are in need of additional transportation, medical, housing, and other supports. Regardless, they deserve the right to live securely & in the ways that work best for them.

Physical & Mental Healthcare

I understand the impact that the costs of insurance coverage, the lack of healthcare access, and the limited availability of care coordination can have on individuals and their families. I have experienced those struggles myself. We all deserve the right to live physically and mentally healthy lives, to have self-determination regarding our own healthcare choices, and to have access to all the services we need to be acessible. 


We are in the midst of a childcare crisis. Parents have been forced out of the workforce as many cannot afford to work and pay for childcare. In addition, childcare licensing processes are overwhelming to providers. Providers are short-staffed and underfunded, and therefore not able to meet the demands of families. We need to find ways to lessen the costs for families & providers.

Voting Rights

Every American should have the power to make change in their community through voting. Voting ensures that our government is for the people, by the people. Colorado is a pioneer in voting access, providing voters with a variety of different and accessible methods in which to vote. I stand for the values of Coloradoans who want equitable access to voting for all. 

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